Art at the Daily Planet : January / February 2014


In the solarium:


Althea Freeman-Miller's woodblock prints




In the Dining Room:



Nini Crane's watercolors



In the Bar:

Photo Dec 28, 2 40 24 PM


Nicholas Sicard's colorful abstracts


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Art at the Daily Planet : November / December 2013



Photo Nov 02, 2 43 26 PM


In the bar: Justin Hueckel



Photo Nov 02, 2 45 32 PM
In the dining room: Nicole Mandeville



Photo Nov 02, 2 48 29 PM
In the solarium: James Buck


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April 2013:  Before









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Art at the Daily Planet: July / August 2013


New art for the Summer!

Come enjoy our latest exhibits:



In the Bar: Molly Bosley

Molly Bosley

"There is a tangible presence of hands in my artwork, meaning, it is very obviously handled, touched, dirtied and stepped on. It contains the imprint of the instrument that crafted it. There is an awareness of the connection to humans and the mementos they possess. I want to create art that is arresting, yet familiar, like a memento you find tucked away in between the pages of an old book. In an effort to harmonize my media with my message, I construct work out of the detritus of American culture, the little things that slip away into junk stores, attics, or trashbins; I often include “found” photographs in my work. Photographs are like ghosts - they contain the soul of someone that has since changed, moved on or died - freezing them in that sliver of time. This voyeuristic impulse has inspired me to create mixed media collages, incorporating the kinds of discarded artifacts that I find so enchanting. The process is instinctive in choosing the images but structured, layered and designed so the different elements harmonize to produce an artwork that is wholely nostalgic."



In the Dining Room: Gale Simmons

Gale Simmons
"Most of my photographs are taken when I travel, perhaps because as a traveler your senses are more acute. Traveling has always been an important part of my life. I still can remember my 13th birthday in Mexico City being sung to by the Mariachi's in the Zocolo - it made a BIG impression. I love portraiture, costumes, decorative details and exotic locales and recording the infinite variety of human life. Each photograph tells a story. I am aware that it might not be "the story" but it is my interpretation. While I enjoy taking the photographs, the real fun begins when I return home and download them onto my computer. The editing process is very important; beginning with photograph selection, color, cropping etc."



In the Solarium: Nicole Carey

Nicole Carey

"This series of quilted canvases was created by Nicole Carey, who is also known for her clothing line, Nicole's Threads. Influenced heavily color and pattern, this series incorporates gleaned fabric scraps and channels old-time quilters. Nicole moved to Vermont in 2009 and is proud to call Burlington home. Visit her website at www.nicolesthreads.com or stop by her workshop at Studio 266 in the South End Arts District."


Jazzfest 2013

 Thanks for making Jazzfest 2013 a great success!




Art at the Daily Planet: April - June 2013

 95 Lynx Kite

In the bar and solarium: Jim Thompson


Jim Thompson’s unique kites are a wonder to see: a menagerie of
beasts and birds and an occasional human. These are traditional
diamond-shaped kites constructed of brown craft paper on a frame of
wooden dowels and fish line. On each Jim uses acrylics to paint a
face with eyes staring directly at the viewer, so when in the gallery
you have the sense that it is you and not them who is being viewed.
Some gaze at you with curiosity, some with pleasure, some with
caution, and some seem to stare in judgment. These kites are designed
to fly, but few owners dare to take them outside. Those who do fly
them report that they take on an even stronger personality when the
wind breathes life into them.

Jim Thompson is an educator, musician and artist who has lived most of
his life in Montpelier, Vermont. Although he made a few kites in the
early 70’s, it wasn’t until March of 2011 that he took up the craft in
earnest after a neck injury left him out of work and unable to perform
music. Since then he and his kites have been featured in many
publications, on radio, and on WCAX TV’s “Made in Vermont” segment.



Matt gang
In the dining room: Matt Gang


Matt Gang lives in Winooski, Vermont with his wife Moe.  Matt started Grey Owl Design in 2012.  He specializes in custom wood cutouts and cork art, which are sold at the Burlington Farmer’s market.  Grey Owl Design is located in the 4 Howard Building, at the center of the Burlington’s South End Art District. 

The cork designs are inspired by the 5 years Matt spent working as a bricklayer, using simple patterns to lay patios, driveways, and walkways.  The same patterns, herring bone, running bond, and basket weave, are mixed together and accented with handmade frames, made from locally sourced reclaimed lumber.  


Art at the Daily Planet: March / April 2013


Come for dinner or a cocktail

and enjoy the work of these local artists!


In the bar:

Photo Mar 06, 4 29 29 PM

Elise Pecor 

 'Everything changes except the past, even our memories change, but the events remain the same. By exploring memories, I believe that we can see how they've grown and evolved over time. The subject matter behind what I draw stems mostly from my childhood, and every image can bring back to life a plethora of memories - the innocence of ambition the absolute feeling of content, the frustration of depair.'




In the dining room:

Photo Mar 06, 4 30 57 PM

Richard Haesler

 Richard Haesler is a local attorney who resides in the town of Charlotte.




In the solarium:

Photo Mar 06, 4 28 28 PM

Jacques Burke

 Jacques Burke is a Vermonter that lives in Milton on his little "farm".
He love animals and the life that comes with them.
The days are busy, but the nights are his to create art and edit photos on Photoshop.
No TV or internet makes great time for him to just fall into his love of colors.
He has been making abstract for about a decade and sees no reason to stop now.


Art at the Daily Planet : January / February 2013


New art to kick off the new year...

Come in for dinner or drinks and enjoy our newest exhibits!



Brian drourr

In the dining room: Brian Drourr

[email protected]

Brian Drourr lives, works, and plays in Burlington VT. He is a 4th generation photographer with real passion for landscape and nature photography.

"I bring a “documentary style” to what and how I shoot, and do my best to be able to bring the viewer into my images to provide a sense of “being there”. I want people to see my photos and be able to smell the flowers, hear the bee’s buzzzzzz or watch the bud open. I want to provide you the viewer with a tangible emotional connection to the image similar to the one I felt when I captured it.
For this exhibit, "Macro Flowers",  I used a combination of techniques to get the shots. My goal was to present a fairly common subject matter (flowers) in a new and unique point of view. I used both a standard 105mm macro lens and macro extension tubes for some shots. For others, I hand held a 50mm fixed lens on the camera  (referred to in the photography world as reversed lens macro). To enhance the beauty and dimensionality of the images, all photos in this exhibit are presented on high quality photographic paper with metallic processing."


Jane kantor

In the bar: Jane Ann Kantor

[email protected]



Photo Jan 16, 2 38 23 PM

In the solarium: Beth Boquel



Art at the Daily Planet : December 2012

Come enjoy dinner or a cocktail

among our newest art exhibits!

Photo Dec 18, 3 33 16 PM

In the Solarium: Amanda Schirmer

"My work is greatly inspired by graphic designs and patterns; visuals the viewer will find for a device wallpaper or background. My intention is for them to see what they want to see. Their perception of a piece may be different from mine and it is desirable they may see subjects that were never my intent. I enjoy randomy piled layers of paint, sporadic lines that break planes, and solid color shapes that create voids. All these elements combined with the ability to create a distinct composition ultimately creates a chaotic but contained work of energy."



Jasper 36 x12
In the Bar: Melody Bessett

"This work is a representation of the meditative freedom that occurs during the process of creating.  The end result is relevant but the therapeutic quality of painting is what creates the outcome. Most of the pieces are derived from a landscape/place in nature enriched with inspiration. These places capture an emotion that becomes translated into an abstraction. Some are based off of a stone called a 'Chinese picture Jasper.' These rocks resemble surreal landscapes that allow a visualization of more intricate scenery to develop."




Photo Oct 16, 3 27 25 PM

In the Dining Room: Jen Kristel

"The spontaneity of Monoprint has allowed me to address issues pertaining to the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of our human experience, often by utilizing leaves, feathers, and other flat objects that come alive and interact with each other in deeply human scenarios. The lake and mountains of Vermont often are deep resources for me.  I celebrate it all, allowing nature to speak its story- as well as our own."

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