Partner with us to get your travel business listed at our Travel Classified page and also share blogs at our blog page. Below we have shared some criteria on how one can join Daily Planet 15 to increase their visibility on travel networks and in return improve their travel business.

  1. Only a travel business like Car Rental, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, etc can join Daily Planet 15.
  2. Only a travel blogger with a blog site, active social media page or active Youtube page can join us.
  3. Travel business must be listed on Google Local Business or Tripadvisor.
  4. A travel blogger must share his picture on that particular tourist site on which he or she wants to write in our blog section.
  5. We don’t ask for any payment to join Daily Planet 15 and we don’t even pay travel bloggers to write on our blog. Both travel bloggers and travel business can get a link on their home page only and that will also be in the form of url.

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