You probably aren’t thinking about your HVAC system until it stops operating the way it should if you are like most individuals. For those who don’t know, clogged air filters are one of the major sources of HVAC system failure or complication.  

Today, we are going to share with you what will happen if you don’t change the air filter of your HVAC in Markham

How do Air Filters Work? 

In general, air filters are made of spun of pleated paper or fiberglass and surrounded by a frame made of cardboard. They’re inserted into a particular spot in your HVAC system and act as a barricade to stop particles and contaminants from circulating in the air or from reaching sensitive components of your unit. A couple of the common things that filters block are bacteria, pet fur, hair, mold, lint, pollen, dust, and much more.  

What Will Happen If You Do Not Replace Your Filter? 

Filters get clogged by the accumulation of contaminants and particles that stick to it if you do not regularly change it. though the filter is made to accommodate these small particles, the accumulation produces an almost impenetrable barrier. Because of this, the air can’t flow properly. This can eventually lead to a lot of issues for your whole HVAC unit.  

Health Issues 

Contaminants can end up back in the air that every person in your house is breathing if the air filter is clogged and can’t trap particles. Immediate problems can include dizziness, itchy throat or eyes, and headaches. The long-term effects can be cancer, heart disease, or respiratory issues if the air filters aren’t replaced and the problems continue. 

Poor Regulation of the Temperature 

Cool or warm air can’t properly go where it’s required since clogged air filters make the system strain to produce airflow. Because of this, a couple of rooms can be too hot in the summer or too cold during the winter.  

High Energy Bills 

Air can’t flow easily through the system if the filter becomes clogged. This causes the entire system to have to work harder to distribute air or heat where it’s required. This lowers your utility bills because the HVAC unit is operating for longer.  

How Often Should You Replace Filters? 

You’ll have to follow various schedules to guarantee that the filter is always operating properly. This depends on the type of air filter you’re utilizing. Almost every manufacturer suggests that regular filters are changed every 1 to 2 months. However, there are several situations that can affect the schedule.  

  • If you are living alone and you do not have pets, you can typically wait up to 1 year before you replace the filter.  
  • If you’ve got a lot of pets in your house or if you’ve got a family member who suffers from allergies, you will have to replace the filter around 20 to 40 days.  
  • If you’ve got one pet, you need to change the filter every 2 months.  
  • If you are living in a regular house and you don’t have a pet, you need to change the filter every 3 months.