Story 2 – The three royal cities in India

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We have just published our Sep’17 story, which is mailed to us by Lohagarh Fort Resort, in Kukas Jaipur. Have a look at the below introduction of this post and check the whole story with pictures at our home page, which isĀ

India, was once a land of many Maharaja’s (kings) and even today many cities in India have a royal family. But these monarchs are now citizens of India, but they do own some of the luxurious palace, which are now turned in hotels or museums.

These palaces are also a part of sightseeing tour and thus cities like Jaipur and Jodhpur, get more than one to two million travelers, who are interested in visiting these palaces or stay in them.

This post is about:

  1. Jaipur
  2. Jodhpur
  3. Vadodara

These cities have palaces, forts and especially Jaipur has the highest number of palace turned hotels. Have a look at this post and then plan a holidays for all these three.

To travel all these three cities (Jaipur, Jodhpur and Vadodara), you need to land at New Delhi International Airport, then catch a train or hire a cab for Jaipur, which is 250 km away. Then from Jaipur, visit Jodhpur which is 300 km west and then catch a plane for Vadodara or even Ahmedabad, which is just 100 km away.

Other Indian cities famous for their kings

Apart from these, you can also add ancient cities like Hampi, which is in northern Karnataka and is one of top 10 tourist sites in India. To reach Hampi, you need to land at Chennai airpoirt, which is the closest International Airport, hire a cab or train and reach Hampi in a day,

And as you will be driving from Bangalore, which is an on-route site between Chennai and Hampi, then also checkout Mysore palace, which is rated second to only Taj Mahal, in terms of travelers popularity.