Story 3 – Places to visit in a Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur

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We have published our story number three on our home page, which is about a popular tour package that starts and finish at New Delhi, India. This tour is known as Golden Triangle and many travelers love to add Udaipur with this. So, it’s Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur city.

In our story, we have shared the list of cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and few on route ones, along with list of tourist attractions one wold see here.

The story also include distance from one city to anther and also list of flights, which one can catch from Udaipur to Delhi, as Udaipur is more than 700 km from Delhi, and the flight option is better.

Go this this story at this link – Places to visit in a Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur

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