Terms & Conditions

This page offer all the Terms & Conditions which Daily Planet 15 has sorted out so far. These terms & conditions can without any prior notice. To reach this page, one need to open www.dailyplanet15.com on their web browser and then click on the Terms & Conditions page, which is visible on the top menu bar.

Daily Planet 15 Terms & Conditions

  1. Daily Planet 15 is a Travel and Feed Magazine started by Mr. Prakash Sharma who has been in the travel printing industry since 2012. He visits various travel destinations in India and other Asian countries and then draft a travelogue which is later published in many travel magazines, all around the world. Thus at Daily Planet 15, our goal is to connect with travel bloggers, and also travel business to create a platform from where a small setup can get published on leading travel platform in the current age.
  2. Daily Planet 15 isn’t interested in any paid review and nor interested to pay any travel blog or business for the content they have generated for Daily Planet 15 website. All authentic blogs and businesses (tourism related) are welcome to share their travel writings and their current offer which they offer on the website. Both travel blogs and business are allow a link to their home page and in the form of url. Like lets say that your blog name is www.travel15india.com and your business name is www.travel15indiapackages.com, then you can get links on these terms only, which we have underlines.
  3. Daily Planet 15 is not associated with any second party and this any communication made beside dailyplanet15@yahoo.com isn’t from Daily Planet 15 and you have been advised to consider them as spam.
  4. Daily Planet 15 allow their website visitor to share their contact details like their name, email, website, etc and we also confirm that these details will not be used as any commercial activity. So far, Daily Planet 15 has not started any mail subscription, thus we will also not mail you until we set up a mail subscription form.

For more details, mail us at dailylanet15@yahoo.com